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like oh, oh, sugar spell it out


2/16/09 12:49 pm - till we meet on another space :)


2/15/09 02:09 am

happy my valentines to you

2/11/09 07:29 pm

and so we know something's gone wrong
you wouldn't say
no, you wouldn't say

i stand around
trying to find the right thing to say
trying to find a good question to ask
i wonder why it's hard to leave you your way

caught up in your silence
i go guessing
we talk in circles
you go silent
we're back to square one

it's not easy, to be you and to be me.

2/10/09 10:42 am

i don't like not having time for friends.

2/10/09 10:28 am

we played the guessing game
might have won more than half
but in any case, it's over.

one major block down!

2/9/09 05:07 pm

i should smug the mug
but i'd rather hide under the rug.

2/9/09 10:17 am - purify my heart

Refiner's Fire
My heart's one desire
is to be holy
set apart for You Lord
i choose to be holy
set apart for You my master
ready to do Your Will


2/8/09 06:06 pm

stress mess.
2 major tests
2 projects


2/6/09 01:18 pm

not that i am,
but i can't find a reason to un-justify the song

when the intro begins, i am simply speechless
when the tune floods in, a private wordless conversation follows
and because each word from its lyrics means more than anything anyone can say, who can now say what is right and what is wrong?

2/6/09 01:15 pm

hide in a hole, is the name of today's game
or not.
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